Be Prepared Not Scared - The 6Ds
Learn how to find, interpret and e-vault your most important documents before the 6Ds hit!  Susan Bruno talks with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarion Founder of Best Ever You about DivaCFO the women's empowerment platform to help women take charge of their personal finances, especially before any of the 6Ds occur: Death, Divorce, Disability, Disaster, Debt and Dementia. Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is a 20-year veteran of the financial services and regulatory compliance training industry. Now, a recognized leader in personal development, Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Best Ever You Network, a brand with more than one million followers in social media and over two million radio downloads on The Best Ever You Show. Click the link below...
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Turkey Table Talk
We've all heard that Thanksgiving is a celebration of family. For most of us in college, that means having to recite your major, classes, job prospects and relationship status to every great aunt and second cousin who arrives for dinner. Seriously, how many times have you answered the question: How's college going? For new graduates, it can be even worse: How's the job search? This Thanksgiving, College CFO challenges you to impress the stuffing out of your relatives. In the spirit of Thanksgiving football, we've prepared some talking points and plays to help you dodge the awkwardness and score points with your extended family. Click the link below to listen to the podcast:...
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Wedding vs. Down Payment
Today's "If only" blog is all about giving options to adult children and helping them make smart choices.  If only you were to sit your son or daughter down for the "wedding budget" discussion and surprise them with the "cash" offer!  How many newlyweds would prefer $$ for a home down payment over the big wedding? Loads!  Or how about a small wedding and small down payment $$? It's all about opening up the discussion and letting your child choose....and then make them live with the consequences of their choice.   I have suggested this for many years with my clients, many of whom are very wealthy and can afford to provide both to their children but choose this strategy instead. It's the first step in helping an adult child truly...
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Credit card spending
"If Only" today is a lesson I learned from my mom.  Always pay off your credit card, in full, each and every month. If you can't afford to buy it with cash at the moment of purchase then it's almost 100% likely that you can't afford it, period. Putting it on a credit card does not make it affordable!  It just pushes reality down the road, and then you are stuck with outrageous interest payments if you find you can't pay it off.   ACTION STEP: Pay off all credit cards in full as soon as possible and then carry just one.  Keep that card primarily for needs not wants until you can afford to splurge on those bottomless mimosa brunches and one more pair of sandals!
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If Only I knew.....
Hey Ladies! This is our first blog post for our "If Only" Corner.  We learn from our mistakes, the hard way.  The goal is to let everyone learn from each other's mistakes.  Get it? Our first two tips are here so read on! True story from college senior ready for the real world...or not! "If only I knew not to run up that credit card and forget to pay the bill, I would have much better credit. If only I put that credit card on auto pay. " TO DO:  Set your bills on auto pay...and make sure you have the funds to cover them! True story from a panicked mom: "If only I knew to get a HIPAA release for my child before she landed in the emergency room at the hospital near her college....just to find out I could NOT speak to the doctor since...
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